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Stepping Stones Classes

Infants Program

2022 Stepping Stones Childcare classroom sign Friendly Forrest 

6 weeks – 1 year
We understand that leaving your baby in someone else’s arms is a big leap. Everyone at our centers – especially our infant teachers – will work with you to make sure the transitions go smoothly, and you are confident in the care your infant will receive. When you step into our infant classroom, you’ll see how much we want your infant to feel safe, loved and ready to explore their world.

Toddler Program

2022 Stepping Stones Childcare classroom sign Wild Wilderness 

1 – 2 years
Our toddler classroom is designed with little explorers in mind. So much is going on at this age. When your child is wandering all over the place, that means they’re learning and discovering new things every day. We’ll help them explore their interests (and find new ones!) as they play and learn.

Discovery Preschool Progam

2022 Stepping Stones Childcare classroom sign Jumping Jungle 

2 – 3 years
Ever wonder what your two year old is thinking? So do we! This age is filled with so much wonder and curiosity. To satisfy that curiosity, we offer a ton of books and toys and bring artwork down to their eye level. Children in discovery preschool also begin to learn how we all work in a classroom and begin to form friendships. Simple math and science, pretend play, and group play help them get used to a more structured school setting.

Preschool Program

2022 Stepping Stones Childcare classroom sign Delightful Desert 

3 – 4 years
No one expresses themselves quite like a preschooler. This is the age when kids really start to form their own ideas about what they want to play and how they want to create. Every day in our preschool classroom, your child will explore science experiments, create artwork, and play pretend – all the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten!

Prekindergarten Program

2022 Stepping Stones Childcare classroom sign Delightful Desert 

4 – 5 years
When you walk into our pre-K classroom, you’ll see artwork and writing displayed around the room. Labels are everywhere to help kids connect letters with words. You’ll also see pictures on the walls that reflect the families in our community allowing children to learn and accept differences and diversity. Your child will also deepen their knowledge in language, math, science, Spanish and social skills.

Before and After School

2022 Stepping Stones Childcare classroom sign The Swamp

You can count on us to provide reliable care for your school-aged child while you’re at work, with safe transportation from our center to your child’s school and back! Whether your child wants to start a drama club, build a volcano, or create a comic book, they will have a place to follow their dreams.